Words from our Workshop Participants

“Loved Ale’s energy and being.

“I like the mixture of teaching methods – watching, hearing, diagrams, experiential, and the playful encouragement and inclusivity.”

“I’m not working professionally at the moment but all the workshop was of value to me personally and as a mother.”

“Thought the whole session was well paced, simply and logically presented with ample opportunity to qualify understanding.”

“Everything beautifully explained and simple, from the heart!”

“This is quite simply the most fun and most effectively taught workshop I have ever attended, in any discipline.” 

“The strategy model is fantastic.  I really feel I can use it to apply the tools of SE and my other skills both professionally and as a parent.  Amazing simplicity which ties the SE concepts together brilliantly.”

“I enjoyed the training and feel like needing more.  I’d hence like to be put on the mailing list and to know more about SE.  Thank you Ale for allowing space for supervision, and so integrating the “teaching”.  I have found the training and the trainer all-inspiring.  Ale is “real” and his pragmatic approach, together with his embodiment of SE is fabulous.  Long life to Ale!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed three days.  Very well held by one person… better than expected!  Thought Ale was incredibly inspirational through his being – it is a felt sense experience – very inspiring to work towards achieving such inner resilience with such humility and grace at the same time.  Thank you Ale!”