Effective Disaster Relief: Tune in to Children Global Initiative

Humanitarian Assistance:

Alé Duarte has traveled to several humanitarian disasters areas around the globe in the past twelve years.  As well as providing preparatory training for professionals and volunteers entering into volatile or traumatic zones, Alé provides logistical support and professional supervision for those on his teams.

Since the 2005 Southeast Asia Tsunami, Alé and other seasoned Somatic Experiencing® professionals have developed and evolved an ‘easy-to-apply’ program and provided invaluable logistical support following major natural disasters such as the Southeast Asia Tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, China’s 2008 Earthquake, 2009 South Brazil flood mudslides and others.

Training Format:

Tune in Global – Trauma Healing for children in global disaster areas

This is a 4-day training curriculum, focused on principles of somatic orientation, for the stabilization and empowerment of children (and the adults who care for them) in mass fatality and other disaster settings.

Tune in Global offers safe tools for the gentle release of thwarted survival mechanisms.  We bring children and adults back into balance in the present moment, and help release them from states of shut down and terror.

Tune in Global is a resource for action groups preparing to enter global disaster areas, and focuses specifically on

– Efficient therapeutic tools and resources for the victims.

– Team preparation and support.

This dynamic training is taught in various formats, including hands-on practice, power point lectures, experiential exercises, videos, live demonstrations, discussion and follow up with supervision and team support.

The Rational for the Technique:

It is important to remember that trauma is not an event, it is our nervous system’s response to an event. Realizing this, we are able to approach therapy on the assumption that our naturally resilient nervous system can fully heal, and balance can be restored, if properly treated.

The profound stress that is experienced as a traumatic event unfolds can surpass the nervous system’s ability to cope, leaving individuals in a persistent state of reaction characterized by anxiety, panic, hyper-vigilance on one end of the spectrum (representing the fight response) and depression, flat affect, and lethargy on the other (representing the flight response).

Through this body-based approach of restoring resiliency we are able to help individuals “deactivate” the stress that was ineffectively processed to restore the healthy balance, sense of presence, and wholeness they felt when they were properly self-regulating.


Somatic Experiencing® is a powerful way for teachers, caregivers, doctors, social workers, and community leaders, to help individuals cope, heal, and prevent further negative impact following trauma.

This body-based approach of restoring resiliency teaches how to release and transform the frozen energy that leads to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness in the body/mind.

This body-based approach of restoring resiliency was originated by Dr. Peter A. Levine and demonstrates how traumatic memory gets locked in the body via self-protective mechanisms in the autonomic nervous and sensory-motor systems that were thwarted during the overwhelming events.

This dynamic training will be taught in various formats that include hands-on practice, power point lectures, experiential exercises, videos, live demonstrations, discussion and follow up with supervision and team support.

Please see www.traumahealing.com to download research articles on the efficacy of Somatic Experiencing® (SE) in disaster settings. Published studies include work in Thailand and India after the Southeast Asian Tsunami and in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

Tune in to Children Four Modules Program