Tune in to Children Programs

For Families, Therapists and Teachers

Families in Tune

This program is designed for therapists, who work with families. It is based on four fundamental questions, bringing actions and strategies to create a safe container for activities with children at home.

We explore essentials for individual development, relationship building and learning, in therapeutic sessions as well as at home, whether in play, study, creation, in moments of boredom or fight, etc. 

We want to show in this workshop that the “here and now with children” is precious and currently often is worn out by excess of tasks, concepts and protocols emptied of soul.

Tune In to Children

Tune In To Children is a unique system developed by Ale which provides unique maps to see children with new eyes.

Through his approach, parents can spark their children’s natural ability to regulate emotionally and activate their built-in organic sequences to quickly restore inner balance.

The aim of this program is to grow a community of skillful adults that help children reorganize and rebalance their autonomic nervous systems, starting at the biological and survival level. This approach proves helpful in any home where adults and children have to deal with stressful situations, in therapeutic offices, as well as schools, institutions or communities looking to overcome challenging times.