SomaSight™- Somatic Self-Regulation Methods – Workshops for Therapists, Teachers and Parents

New Eyes for the 21st Century Children

Is it any wonder children deal with stressful and traumatic events by withdrawing, acting out, or becoming emotionally distraught? What prevents them from feeling and acting creatively, and responsive with the world around them? In short, the underlying cause is the feeling of being overwhelmed.
We live in an extremely fast-moving world in which complexity increases on a daily basis through information, temptations, and demands. A world of choice often leaves us confused as to the best way forward.
As adults, we have developed skills to help us to navigate this busy world. However, for children living in this ever-changing environment, sometimes the constant stimulation or pressure to improve can overwhelm. Couple this with a traumatic life event—which can range from a simple fall, to a parent’s illness, to a loss, and children’s behavior can be impacted.
Helping children to develop the awareness of their own emotions and experiences, this overwhelming feeling can be better contained. With that in place, children will feel empowered to have healthy relationships, to learn and be able to follow their inner voice and creative self.
The aim of Tune in to Children is to help children reorganize and rebalance the autonomic nervous system at the biological /survival level after being overwhelmed following a stressful or traumatic event through the use of play and joyful movement, awareness of the self and others. It is a method that restores self-regulation as well as a sense of aliveness in the child, promoting relaxation and wholeness.


Often as a result of stressful events, the nervous system becomes over-activated and can trigger the following:

  • anger
  • panic
  • irritability
  • hyperactivity
  • dysfunctional behaviors
  • accompanying physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches and dizziness



The Ale Duarte’s wrokshops helps to address these issues by examining the client’s nervous system activation cycle and addressing the underlying causes.